Introduction: Collage a Brooch

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I collect all sorts of really awesome "stuff" bits and pieces of any and everything. Beautiful little objects that I dont want to part with. So I started to make tiny collages of found objects and turn them into 
pieces of art that can be worn. Brooches of recycled treasures. 

Step 1: Supplies

Pretty much any and everything that catches your eye..... beads, bits of paper, parts and pieces of old jewelry ,and findings, feathers, photos, toys, whatever you find that you want to incorporate into your brooch. 


jewelry wire (most craft stores sell spools of wire)

pin backs (most craft stores sell pin backs) 

Base for collage brooch ( I like to use mini cookie cutters and cut shapes I like from clay, I have access to a kiln so I like to bisque them and use them as my base. If you dont have a kiln you can use air dry. You can also just add another found object as your base piece. Sometimes a Puzzle piece is a good shape to use for a base piece) really!


needle nose plier

Step 2: Starting Out

Begin by gluing a pin back to a shape that you will use as a base piece. 

Step 3: Collect Your Collage Pieces

Look at your collection of "stuff" choose what you might like to use

Step 4: Think About It

Think about it and decide if you want to create an abstract brooch or it you want to go with a theme?

Step 5: Begin the Brooch

When you have an idea for your piece cut a piece of jewelry wire, I can not tell you what length, but keep in mind it needs to be long enough to wrap around your found object and the pin base. You can add on more wire as you go along. 

Step 6: Begin to Attach Your Objects

I decided to make this brooch for someone that happens to be expecting a baby.... So I found and used an old diaper pin.

Step 7: Begin to Attach

using the jewelry wire attach the items by twisting the wire around the base piece, when you get to the back of the brooch, guide the wire under the pin back .

Step 8: Add Stuff

The father of the baby had been in Iraq, I found a tiny soldier and added it to my brooch

Step 9: Monopoly Piece

Next I found that awesome baby shoe piece from an old monopoly game. I also realized after looking at my photos that I desperatley need a manicure.

Step 10: Shining Star

I found a shining star and added it to my brooch

Step 11: Shooting Stars

Then I found an old earring that I wanted to take apart to use the small star pieces, I used a tiny bit of wire to separate the sections of the piece I wanted to use and then cut off the rest. Scissors can cut through most thin wires  and clasps. Needle nose pliers are great to help twist your wire and smooth out pointy edges.

Step 12: Finished Brooch

I finally found a shell to add to the star to create The Heavens and the Sea....My Brooch collage was complete

Step 13: Some More

These are more collage pins....
I use all sorts of collectibles  to make them as you can see, pencils, screws, shells, gold and silver and hearts and souls....

Step 14: More Brooches


Step 15: Soles

hmmmm maybe more Hearts and soles

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