Introduction: Collapsible Bowl

I have seen videos of collapsing bowls and thought i would try my hand at one. Once again thank you to I used the polydraw calculator they offer

Step 1: Cutting and Sanding

I cut 2 pieces of wood 8x8 then I printed the pattern that i made with polydraw and used 2 way tape to stick it to the wood blank. I kept the rings 3/8" (.375) so they are thick enough.I set my drill press and scroll saw to about 3 1/2º then predrilled and cut out the rings. I drilled 2 1/4" holes through the first ring and halfway through the second for pins to allow the handle to pivot then glued in 1/4" dowels. Just be careful not to get glue on both rings .

Step 2: Making the Bowl

I opened the bowl and turned the handle upright. Take a straightedge across the bottom of the bowl to mark the outer ring to cut it, Clamp and glue the center of the bowl and the cutoff from the ring to the second blank. Finish sanding outside and just a quick sanding with 120 and finish with a spray stain

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