Collectible Card Game Deck Box

Introduction: Collectible Card Game Deck Box

This instructable will show you how to make a deck box out of otherwise useless common gaming cards. Every collectible gaming card system will usually provide the collector with a number of useless cards that can't be played and are not of any value. Now these useless "crap commons" can now be turned into something useful - a deck box for your playable decks.

This design will support decks of up to 100 cards.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To build the deck box, you will need:

6 valueless gaming cards

*2 sided permanent glue tape

1 deck that you would like the box to fit around, plus 2 cards to ensure a comfortable fit.

*Note that you can use any type of glue, glue stick or even hot glue as an adhesive, but remember that you will need to use a clamp or weight and add drying time for the glue after each step.

Step 2: The Sides of the Box

Centering the card on the side of the deck, wrap the edges around the deck to get your fold lines.

Step 3: Crease the Fold Lines

Fully fold over the fold lines into creases.

Step 4: Other Side Piece

Repeat the last two steps for the other side piece.

Step 5: Top Piece Fold Lines

Line up the top piece with a small fold area on one side, and a larger area on the other. If your gaming card has a logo, you can try to ensure that the logo is within the center section of the top piece.

Step 6: Crease the Top Piece

Crease the Fold Lines for the top piece.

Step 7: Fold the Bottom Piece

Fold the bottom piece against your deck to make the fold lines making sure that one side is slightly larger than the other. If your card has a decorative design you can try to center it on the bottom piece. Crease the edges of the bottom piece.

Step 8: Assemble the Sides

Wrap the two side pieces around your deck making sure that the cards are oriented the same way.

Step 9: Attach the Bottom

Lay the wrapped deck down, and slide the larger side of the bottom piece under the deck. Glue tape the area where the smaller side overlaps the side pieces, placing the glue on the side pieces. Press down on the side piece until it sticks, then flip the deck over. Glue down the other bottom flap to the side piece.

Step 10: Attach the Top

Fold the smaller side into the lip of the deck box and lie the box down on its front. Glue the larger side tab down to the side pieces. Do not glue down the small tab - this is the card box opening.

Step 11: Attach the Back and Front

Glue a full unfolded card to the exposed flaps on the back of the card box. Unfold the folding lip of the box and flip the box over. Attach the front of the box the the side flaps and lower flap on the front of the box. Do not glue the small folding tab into place.

Step 12: Done

Fold the small tab into the box, and you have a completed deck box for your collectible card game.

Step 13: Get Creative!

You can also get creative by using the fronts of the cards, and displaying favored artwork or using cards that would indicate to you what deck the box inside holds.

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    6 years ago

    I made this, but the picture button won't work. Realy Awesome! I used this to make an all mana deck box. I have been using a store bought deck box but I am now using this. Also I am working on a latch for it so I can keep the flap on the front.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable! This type of instruction really saves the reader from having to waste time on any "trial and error" work. Well done.

    A tip I like to use is to pre score the folds with anything like an empty ball point pen to a dull glass cutter it will give you a super clean end product. I love this though I have used my many commons to make all kinds of things


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Note that the deck that I used for this one is wrapped in packing tape because I wanted a generic sized box. The results are far better if you use the actual deck that you want to have in the box.