Introduction: College Worthy Art Frame

This art frame is instructions for how to create an art frame for an ArtRobot Artwork. It uses simple objects used around the home in order to create a frame worthy of a college home or student.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will have already constructed your Art Robot, as well as made the art by letting the robot run.

For instructions on the ArtBot, follow this link.

Now you will need to gather materials for your College Worthy Frame.

1. A Krispy Kreme box (it will have been emptied by you and your roommate, or others, eating the contents)

2. Scissors

3. Scotch Tape

4. Twine

There is no need for eye protection for this project. If you would feel more comfortable wearing eye protection for this project you are more than welcome.

Step 2: Measurements

Now that you have constructed your ArtBot, let it run on paper to create the art, and decided to frame it you will now need measurements.

Fist, remove the top portion of the Krispy Kreme box from the rest of the box. Again, it is recommended that the box remain empty.

Next I simply laid the art on top of the box lid and gently marked with the scissors where each of the corners laid.

Ensure that the art is centered to where you would like it to lay. That is, make sure that the portion of the paper where the robot spent the most time marking the page is most visible.

Step 3: Cutting Into Stuff

Now that you have marked where you would like to remove a portion of the box, you will need your scissors.

First, Use scissors to make a hole in the center of the box. From this whole, you are able to maneuver the scissors in order to make the hole large enough to suit your needs.

Be sure to watch where you move your scissors, and to not go outside of the border you have already determined. It is easier to expand the hole, however taping it back up would not look good. Be sure to start small and continuously expand.

Step 4: Placement

You will need the Scotch tape for this step.

Now the hole is placed, and deemed large enough by you, the creator, place your previously created artwork in the center. Since you have previously marked where you would like the art to set, it should center nicely. However, if it does not set how you would like, you can move the art continuously.

How that you have officially determined where you are to have the art set, place it on the back of the College Art Frame. This means that only the art is to show through the window.

Use 4-6 2 inch pieced of tape. These pieces of tape are to be placed on each of the sides of the tape. If it feels necessary due to your weight of paper, use extra pieces in order to ensure stability.

Step 5: Hanging Your College Art Frame

Now that you have securely placed your art and the frame together, you must now hang it.

For this portion, you will need twine and scissors.

Use your arm to measure the twine.

Place the end of the twine between your forefinger and thumb in order to maintain tension for measurement. Wrap the twine around your arm once or twice, depending on your preferred length for the hanging art.

Step 6: It Can Stand!

Now- as many know, picture frames have the option to hang, as well as to stand.

Using scotch tape, use two pieces in order to secure the bottoms of the boxes. With the bottom of the boxes secured, you have the option to stand the artwork or hang on the wall.

Step 7: Completion

You have now completed your college worthy art frame.

Step 8: Fake Step

fake step