Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Ultimate Bachelor Dinner

This is a fast easy dinner that is simple to clean up afterwards. No measuring or complicated recipes. If you can heat up leftovers, you can make this meal.

Whether you having the guys over to watch the big game or up late studying, this meal will keep everyone happy.

It is also good when traveling. Save some money when you're on the road. Avoid the high priced restaurants. Stop by the grocery store and grab some simple supplies and still eat well.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this meal you'll need the following:
1 can of chili
1 jar of con queso sauce
1 container (bowl, dish, etc.)
1 bag of tortilla chips
a microwave (or other way to heat the dip)
1 can opener (if required to open chili)

For a container, I like the Glad Ware entree dish. It is big enough for the chili and con queso, stores in the refrigerator easily, and is easy to dip in. Also if you forget to clean up and the leftovers turn into a science project, you don't feel guilty just throwing the whole thing out.

Hormel has come to my rescue with the easy to open can for chili. This means I don't need the can opener, which is the only tricky thing when you're traveling. Of course a P38 (not pictured) is always handy and can do the job when you're on the road.

Step 2: Mix and Heat

Add the whole can of chili to the container
-- Be careful of sharp edges on the chili can after opening
-- You may use a knife to scrape out the last of the chili. You can usually get what you need just from rigorously shaking the can.

Add the whole jar of con queso to the container
-- You may use a knife to scrape out the last of the dip. Fingers also work well here
-- There is no need to mix these together since you'll do that as you dip and eat.

Heat chili and cheese in the microwave. Something between 1:30 and 2:00 will do nicely.

That's it!

Grab the chips and dip in to eat. As you dip, you can swirl around to mix the ingredients a little more.

Just put the lid on the container and toss it in the refrigerator between meals.

When you're all done, just wash the container. Everything else can be thrown away. If you can't wash the container, using a disposable dish like Glad Ware means you don't even have to clean that up.