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Introduction: Colloidal Silver

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This recipe/make has been around for a long time. Some ridicule it, some turn blue, others sing its praises. You decide, try it yourself.

It is tiny nanoparticles of silver suspended/dissolved in water. Silver, interestingly, is toxic to bacteria.

Step 1: What You Need

two lumps of silver
9v or more battery

Step 2: Wire Me Up Scotty

Wire it all up, as shown. I know it isn't a complete circuit.

Step 3: Fill Me Up Buttercup

Fill the container with water, preferably distilled.

Step 4: Dip

Lower the silver electrodes in, MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT TOUCH.

Step 5: Waiting Game

Go and leave it. Overnight. When it reaches the colour of light pee, it is ready.

Step 6: Use It

Colloidal silver has multitudes of uses. I use it to sterilise knives after use, no pictures though sorry.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I refer readers to the copious comments on previous projects about colloidal silver, with the summary that there are no demonstrable benefits from taking colloidal silver orally.

    Colloidal silver is microbially inactive, since it consists of almost inert metallic silver, rather than the silver ions which have been shown to kill bacteria in petri dishes, but not I living tissues. The nano-scale particles are too small to be absorbed by cells, and are passed by the body in about 48 hours.

    The real effect of this process is to turn metallic silver with a measurable dollar value into a stain in the local sewers.


    3 years ago

    I really support Kiteman here since you could be ingesting trace amounts of lead, tin --- the solder could deposit small amounts of lead that you could harm someone else or another person. I know some ultra fine forms of silver colloids can treat burns but I would be crazy to attempt to take this stuff internally. The risk of lead poisoning form solder (etc) is a big risk.

    Lead etc could be accumalitive and thus very dangerous to your health.


    7 years ago

    Because of the leads soldered to the coins, this appears to be a very dangerous preparation, especially taken internally. The leads are probably copper, and the solder used likely has lead and other things you don't want. I think CS is important to know about, but this method of prep is too dangerous. Find another using pure .9999 silver wire, distilled water and nothing more.


    9 years ago on Introduction


    An electrolyte like salt will speed up the reaction but will also CAUSE OTHER chemical reactions, possibly POISONOUS CHEMICALS. That is the reason for distilled water because it contains no CHLORINE, which is a POISONOUS SUBSTANCE. You want PURE WATER for a PURE result. Chlorine combining with other chemicals or chlorine gas may be poisonous.

    They don't want us to use silver colloid because that would make the population live longer. Below a whole lot of medical links.

    Georgia Guidestones - Keep the population under 500million

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity

    This came from someone who had a quarter of a million dollars just to use on a monument that doesn't make money ! That had to be an extremely rich person or group to think nothing of $220,000 on something like that.

    Bill Gates on lowering the population: "If we do a really good job with VACCINES, Health care, reproductive services, we could lower that number 10-15%." Can ANYONE explain how a vaccine can LOWER the population ? Saving lives is supposed to INCREASE the population by saving lives. Now kids are getting almost 50 vaccines by the time they are 5 years old ! Are they healthier ? Cancer and Autism is at record highs, 1 in 3 people will die from CANCER !

    Global cancer cases rise 20 per cent in under a decade _ Mail Online

    Health Information Center - *************Great Resource!!!

    Discovering Cancer Cures Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

    Colloidal Silver Publications - Articles About Colloidal Silver

    This patents says silver colloid among other transition metals(such as silver and nickle colloid) can cure skin diseases.

    Patent WO2013106855A1 - Treatment of skin disease - Google Patents

    Some of the ingredients, SILVER COLLIOD 300ppm, ZINC COLLOID 100ppm.

    Silver Colloid PATENTS.

    If this is fake, there sure are a lot of fakes coming from DRUG COMPANIES !

    Critics slam Obama for 'protecting' Monsanto - CBS News

    GMO foods cause cancer, they are trying to BAN them in EUROPE, why not here, they are trying but the news won't report it !

    FREE PRESS - not in the USA ! A list of CENSORED STORIES IN THE USA !

    The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

    15. Dangers of Everyday Technology – The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

    4. FBI Agents Responsible for Majority of Terrorist Plots in the United States – The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

    Trust these people, NEVER !

    Also for the people that still believe in official stories, fluoride is also POISONOUS ! Only slightly less than arsenic. The EPA says not to exceed a very small amount (the amount in 8 oz of water). Who only drinks 8oz of water a day ? Many doctors say 2 - 3 GALLONS of water. 1 gallon = 128oz / 8oz(maximum dose) = 16 times more toxic per gallon or 32 times more toxic(2 gallons) than what the FDA says is safe.

    So why don't they take the fluoride into account when they say it is good for you then they say it is poisonous. Some doctors are saying to give fluoride SUPPLIMENTS to INFANTS over 6 months old !

    ALL DOCTORS NEED TO READ THIS !!!! Don't believe everything you read. I'm am not trying to argue. All of this is not off topic it is showing how much the government cares about your health. They wouldn't lie to us would they ?
    Why would they lie and pass laws BANNING vitamins and nutrients ? They did it, see below references.
    More importantly they are trying to get rid of vitamins and nutrients and allow toxins in out food in Codex Alimentarius. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN IMPLEMENTED AS A TRADE AGREEMENT BYPASSING CONGRESS ! IT BRINGS BACK DDT, AND MANY OTHER POP (persistant organic pollutants) and says they are safe to eat and you can't refuse foods that contain them because it would be a violation of a "trade agreement".
    Codex Alimentarius results in 3 billion deaths... - Raw Freedom Community. "Under Codex rules, nearly all foods must be irradiated. And levels of radiation can be much higher than previously permitted."

    Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines Alex Jones' Infowars There's a war on for your mind!
    If you are a actual DR then checkout my references below. The CDC and FDA now say Fluoride is bad for you but the American Academy says babies over 6 months old MAY NEED FLUORIDE SUPPLIMENTS ! These are the same people that say silver colloid is bad. Most medical doctors realize that the drug companies lie about the drug risks and RUN THE MEDICAL SCHOOLS NOW. They teach the doctors.
    From the FDA: Only a drug can cure or prevent a disease. Quote at bottom of paragraph on page.
    "The disclaimer must also state that the dietary supplement product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease," because only a drug can legally make such a claim."
    Doesn't a deficiency mean that if you take it it can CURE or PREVENT the disease ? Diseases CAUSED by Vitamin Deficiencies. Therefor possibly cured by taking them.
    Examples at the Bottom in References

    GMO food was approved without ANY TESTING because the FDA said it wasn't any different. The virus or bacteria that are added to the food blows into other fields CAUSING OTHER FOODS TO BE GENETICALLY ALTERED TOO !
    Confirmed DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them _ Collective-Evolution
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    Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism - Underground Health (MMR vacines another LIE)
    According to Wik, "There is broad scientific consensus that food on the market derived from GM crops poses no greater risk to human health than conventional food.[4][5][6][7][8][9]"
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    Genetically modified food
    Wiki and all doctors MUST be lying when they say, "Scurvy is a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C".
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    4 Diseases Caused by a Lack of Essential Vitamins and Minerals _ Mental Floss

    Butt covering statement for the EPA, ETC

    This is not medical advise, it is advice to educate yourself and learn for yourself.

    According to them only a drug can cure or prevent a disease, do you believe them, I don't. Ask someone with SCURVY if they want vitamin C or a drug.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Silver Bullion Coins are of a high enough pure silver .9999 value.
    buy the rectangle one & cut it in 1/2.
    BTW: SHOULD NOT put the copper wire into the solution!
    you all need to read.. read... READ!

    Cool instructable. You should make sure that what you're using is actually silver though. Your picture is a bit blurry, but from what I can tell you're using 10p and 20p coins (correct me if I'm wrong), which are both made of copper-nickel alloys and no silver.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This should not be allowed on Instructables...I know you have a "nice" comment policy but this stuff is useless and potentially dangerous and therefore there is an inherent risk that Instructables is contributing to someone being poisoned by this product.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    There's no reason that this instructable shouldn't be posted. There are plenty of uses of colloidal silver besides ingestion, which are unlikely to be harmful. The author mentions that they use it to sterilise knives; I've heard of others putting it into home-made cleaning solutions and the like. Instructables is not responsible for people doing stupid things with the instructions posted. If they were, there would be a lot fewer instructables for DIY power tools, rocket stoves, etc.

    That being said, it's quite difficult to poison yourself with colloidal silver. Except for some really exceptional cases generally involving previous health problems, medications, and huge doses, the worst that would happen is you turn a bit gray.


    9 years ago

    As most comments have danced around this issue I feel I have to state it... The human body has no need/use for silver. If you want further proof just do a quick google search of the consequences of taking colloidal silver.
    However from an experiment point of view I find this very useful as a teaching aid so thank you for sharing it.

    Tim Temple
    Tim Temple

    9 years ago on Introduction

    A hundred years ago, everyone was using silver as a safe disinfectant. You drop a silver coin in a jar of milk and it wouldn't go bad at room temperature. Drink it and your bacteria or virus based illness would go away. Add it to micro-organism contaminated water and it was safe. Pour it in a wound and it would quickly recover.

    Recently, the electrolysis of silver in pure water was given a new name - "colloid." The FDA then banned it, based on a new name for the same process. Legally we are not allowed to say what silver did for people in the past.

    However, the U.S. Army told the FDA to go away and started using it for silver-mesh bandages anyway. Amazing healings take place in burns and shattered limbs. Look it up on the internet.

    People who are promoting socialism thru control of medical access consider medical uses of silver to be anathema. They lose control of people. They will probably try to ban silver possession for this reason. Start collecting silver wires and silverware just in case. The price of silver will skyrocket soon anyway, so it's a good investment.


    9 years ago

    However, it can be useful as a re-usable sterilisation fluid.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You must not use distilled water, because it is practically insulant. You should use tap water, or add a bit of salt, baking powder or soda to give it more conductivity.