Introduction: Color Changing Decorated Cube

This tutorial will teach you how to make a Color Changing Decorated Cube. It is a special device design for any age people. The device will change the colors of the LEDs randomly. Through watching the color changing show, the beautiful mixture of colors will build a visual enjoyment for you. The cube is available in the dark to make decorations.

Step 1: Supplies/Materials

Below are the things required for the project:

1. Arduino Nano x1

Purchasing Source

2. 5V LED Strip x1

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3. Dupont Wire(Male to Female) x3

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4. Wooden Brick ( You may choose the cube size whatever you like as long as the wires can fit inside the cube. ) 5. Acrylic Stick x3

6. Painting Brush x1

7. Paint

8. Glue Gun x1

9. Scissor x1

Step 2: Circuit

Connect the Dupont lines with the components according to the circuit picture provided. (The schematic diagram shows Arduino Uno board instead of Arduino Nano board because the website I used to design the circuit picture didn’t have Arduino Nano board. You should connect the Dupont lines on the Arduino Nano board, but the same position with the picture shown above. )

Here are the details of the circuit diagram:

  • The 5V of the LED strip will connect to Arduino Nano’s 5V.
  • The GND of the LED strip will connect to Arduino Nano’s GND.
  • The D pin of the LED strip will connect to Arduino Nano’s D5.

You will use Dupont wires to connect Arduino Nano and LED strip.

Step 3: The Code

Click Here to see the code of making the device.

You have to download the fast led first.

Fast LED

Step 4: Design of the Cube Structure

First of all, for designing the outer appearance of the cube, I cut the wood into pieces. To be specific, I cut the wood into 64 brick and the size for a brick is 2.7cm x 2.7cm x 2.7cm. Secondly, I covered each of the brick with white acrylic paint so that all the wooden bricks’ color is the same. Thirdly, I use the glue gun to stick 64 bricks together. Put all the circuits in the cube then you’re done!!!

Step 5: Completed!!! Here Is the Demonstration Video of This Project

After you finished uploading the code, completed the circuit arrangements, and decorated it beautifully, it is time for you to use your LED Color Changing Decorated Cube. Enjoy!