Introduction: Color Shower.

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One day it was raining very hard and I was sitting in the varanda. I was watching raindrop falling from high sky and touching the ground. I thought if different colors precipitated from clouds. What fun it would be! My this dream came true when I saw a cardboard contest on instructables. I combined both my dream and the cardboard and made this masterpiece.
Lets start this INSTUCTABLE.........


1) Cardboard (use carton box).
2) Paper cutter.
3) Paper.
4) Pencil / Pen.
5) Colors (Crayons and paint colors).
6) Silver foil.
7) Masking tape.

Step 1: Drawing and Tracing.

1) Draw a girl with umbrella on a white sheet.
2) Now cut it neatly.
3) Now trace it on cardboard using pencil.
4) Also draw the landscape on which the girl will stand.

Step 2: Cutting.

Cut the outlines of the drawing but too deep....

Step 3: Peeling.

Peel one of the corner of the left part on the cardboard (major segment in terms of circle).
Peel it carefully and protect the girl.

Step 4: Covering.

Using masking tape cover the girl and land neatly.

Step 5: Crayons Rain.

1) Using glue, stick all the crayons on the top in place of cloud.
2) Now cover the crayons with silver foil properly.
3) With hot iron melt the crayons and place it vertically so that it falls in the form of rain.
4) Now remove the tape.

Step 6: Water Color Rain.

1) Using water colors of your choice fill the drain like structure on the cardboard.
2) Put it vertically and flow more water through them.
3) Make it lock like water drops.
4) After it get dry remove the tape.

Step 7: Paint the Girl.

Using black paint, fill the color in the girl and land of both the cardboards.

Step 8: Ready With Colorful Cardboard Art.

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