Introduction: Color Origami Ball

I'm going to show you how to make color origami ball. Actually it's not really a ball but it looks like a ball to me and because I don't know its real name I call it ball.

I made more pictures to show you how to make it. I think they will be enough for you to understand everything!

Good luck!

Step 1: Materials

Before you start you must know that this is a lot of work and you need to be patient. It's going to take a lot of time!

You need:
- 5 sheets of paper A4 from one color ( I choose pink it'll be "outside color")
- 10 sheets of paper A4 from another color ( I choose blue it'll be "inside color")
- a pencil
- glue
- a ruler
- scissors
- and a small sheet of paper with measurement 9 cm x 9 cm ( if you don't have you can make it)

Step 2: Cuting the Parts

Take one sheet of paper ( it doesn't matter the color) and outline the small sheet (9x9 cm I'll call it white square). You must make 6 squares like the white square on one sheet.
In this way make all the other sheets and then cut them. When you finish you must have 30 sheets from the outside color and 60 - from the inside color.

Step 3: Folding the Module

Look at the pictures. I hope you understand everything because my explanations are not very good.

When you finish with the folding module you must have 2 pockets and 2 insertions.

Make all the sheets in that way. This is the part that you'll need a lot of time. You have to fold 90 sheets.

I made a video on how to fold it. I'm sorry for the low quality. i made it with my phone.

Step 4: Glueing

This is a tricky part. Be careful!!!

Step 1. Fist of all we'll make one of the points of our ball. Take 5 sheets from the inside color ( blue) and glue them like this (see the first 6 pictures). Put some glue on the insertion and put it in the pocket.
Make 6 like this! Let's call them "little stars".

Step 2. Then take 5 sheets from the outside color (pink) and glue them with one blue "little star" (see pictures 7 and 8). This will be "star".
Then connect the 5 blue "little stars" with the "star" (see pictures 9-13)

Step 3. Then take 5 pink sheets and connect the blue "little stars" together. When you connecting them carefully try to close the stars. And when you finish you'll have half of our ball. (see pictures 14-18)

Step 4. Then add pink sheets on every corner of the "little stars" which don't have one. You must glue 2 pink sheets on every "little star".( see pictures 19-24)

Step 5. When you finish you'll have one half from the ball and you have to make the other one. Make it with the same way but without step 4 (you won't have pink sheet left).see picture 25

Step 6. When you're ready you have to connect the two halfs.

Step 7. This is easy just glue the left pink sheets from the first half with the blue sheets on the second half. Glue to the same way. see pictures 26-30

Step 5: Done!

Well that's it!

After the glue dry you can open and close the ball. It's nice in the two ways!

Enjoy your new origami ball !!!

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