Introduction: Colored LED Lamp From Pallet Wood Blocks

This time I’ll show you how I made a colored LED floor standing lamp from pallet wood blocks. It is fully controlled with remote control and looks awesome in a low lighting.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


LED RGB kit with 5m LED strip

7 pallet wood blocs ( or any other approx same size wood left overs)

45*50 wood beam cut in pieces

Semi transparent white 4mm poly-carbonate

Clear wood varnish or other wood finish

CA glue

Wood glue

Hot glue


Drill and bits

Palm router

Straight router bit

Miter saw

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Wood Preparation

Everything started from 7 pallet wood blocks which I have laying around for a while. Those left from few pallet wood projects.
They are approx at same dimensions, but not very square and flat. I fix that by using my homemade wood flattening jig from palm router. Here's is my DIY video, how I made it CLICK HERE

Step 2: Flatening Wood Blocks

Flattening process is quite straightforward. Screwed wood block to the bed, adjusted router cutting depth and in few passes removed need thickness to get totally flat surface. Repeated same procedure to other side. At the end - all 7 wood blocks had same thickness and was totally flat.
Used miter saw to cut all block to the same size.

Step 3: LED Controler

From RGB LED kit took control unit and marked ruff shape on one wood block. With palm router made a hole to hide control unit inside, plus drilled two holes for wires.

Step 4: Spacers Between Pallet Wood Blocks

Between each wood block glued two 45 by 50mm wood pieces.
This one have a groove for IR sensor.

Step 5: Glueing All Together

Everything was glued in three steps. First glued 3 sets of 2 block in each. When glue was dry - made two pieces, and finished with one solid unit.

Step 6: In Progress

For finish I used clear coat of mat varnish. I really love how different wood textures pops out.
Test fitted LED control unit, installed IR sensor and with hot glue secured them in place. Connected power jack for better alignment.

Step 7: Installing LED Strip

As I mentioned before - light source will be 12V RGB LED strip.
Installed an LED strip. Used hot glue and made a loop of 5 LEDs in each gap.

Step 8: Covering LED Strips

To cover LED strip I use semi transparent white polycarbonate. At the moment, all pieces are covered with protective film. Used fast drying CA glue to glue them in place.

Step 9: Power It Up!

Lets power it up. It’s very easy to change to your favorite color, dim it or make it flash.

Step 10: Finall Reslt

This floor standing lamp came out way better than I expected. And at the moment this is my most favorite project which was made in this year.
It looks very nice in low light, but the all beauty came out in a total dark.

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