Introduction: Colored Light Umbrella

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This colorful faux stained glass parasol may be made at home with a few simple supplies.

Create your own custom umbrella, a great novelty item for parties, parades, festivals, or any sunny day.

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Here's the video.

Step 2: Materials List

Step 3: Sketch Out Your Design

Step 4: Cut Out Your Design

Cut out your design with a craft knife. Use a new blade to avoid tearing the paper.

Only do a few at a time to guard against accidental tears. Note: you may need to prop up the edge of your cutting mat when working closer to the center of the umbrella, to account for the protruding cap (see next image).

Step 5: Select Your Colors

Step 6: Trim Into Shapes

Trim your colored film in shapes similar to your umbrella cutouts, but scale them up so that they overlap your cutouts by about 1/4" all around.

Step 7: Attach Films to Umbrella

Attach your films to the umbrella with a single dot of hot glue, just for placement.

Let cool a minute until set.

Step 8: Secure Films in Place

Go back and tack around the edges a few more times to secure your films.

Step 9: Go Out and Enjoy Your Umbrella!

Step 10: Here's Another Design


Step 11: Other Options

Your umbrella has an indoor use as well: attach to a tripod or hang from a wall or ceiling.

Then mount a spotlight nearby (not too close) for a colorful effect.