Introduction: Colored Sand Find and Seek Party Jars

A little game to make for a kids play party with basic craft materials!


Small jars (these are baby food)

½ lb ACTÍVA Colored sand bags in various colors

Tiny objects to search for: a paper clip, tack, kernel

of corn, a bead, penny, rubber band, you get the idea…

Spray paint

Step 1: Paint the Lids

Paint all the lids with silver spray paint.

Step 2: Place Objects and Sand Into the Jars

Place objects into jars and fill half way with sand. Shake.

Step 3: Fill the Jar With More Sand

Fill with sand until it is approximately ¾” from the top---this leaves enough room for sand and objects to move about. When it doubt, test it to make sure you can find all the objects

Step 4: Glue the Lid On

Now, to be safe, it’s a good idea to glue on the lids (or have someone super strong tighten them!)

Step 5: Make a Game to Find the Objects

Make a list of all the tiny objects with check-boxes next to the list or have paper and pencil where party-goers can write down what they find.

Designed by Candie Cooper