Colored Softballs Impoving Batting Average

Introduction: Colored Softballs Impoving Batting Average

The purpose of this drill is to improve reaction time and thinking at the plate. Paint several softballs with different bright colors, and place them in a bucket behind the mound. Have someone place one of the balls in the pitcher's glove without letting the batter see the color. The pitcher then calls out a color before pitching the ball. The batter can only swing if the ball matches the color the pitcher called out (and if the pitch is in the strike zone).

Step 1: Materials

Paintbrush, Paint, Spray Paint, Softballs

Step 2: Paint Softballs

Step 3: Let the Softballs Dry

Step 4: Play Ball

Step 5: As a Pitcher, Select a Colored Ball With Out Letting the Batter See.

Step 6: Tell the Batter to Only Hit a Certian Color, the Color May Not Be the Color the Pitcher Selected.

Step 7: The Batter Should Only Hit the Color Ball That the Pitcher Told Them To, If It Is Not That Color, Take a Pitch (don't Swing).

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    a fairly similar drill is to have a person off to the side tossing 2-3 different colored balls in the air. when they reach their peak, the tosser calls out one of the colors tossed and the hitter must hit that one. (best done into a net or against a chain link fence) i also like the one where you write numbers on the balls and the person doesn't have to hit it but rather try to see the number. the ball should be thrown with minimal spin of course and is easy to do at close range without the "hitter" swinging. i learned these from baseball teams but theres no reason why it couldnt be used for softball too


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Have you collected data on batting averages for different coloured balls (regular pitching & hitting)? I'd think some are easier to hit than others? L