Introduction: Colorful Dot-to-Dots

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I am an ART teacher /teaching from home. I spend my days creating activities for my students and delivering them on line so they can create at home. I like to offer projects with materials that they hopefully have on hand, unlike when we are in my ART room at school. This is a fun and easy printmaking activity that can be done from home because you do not need a press.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies are very basic as long as you have a cupcake tin in the kitchen!

Paint *I am using my grandsons paint set. ( they are brightly colored, water based paints, similar to poster paint or tempera. any paint you have will work including acrylic or even oil paint.


cup for water,

thin sharpie


Step 2: Begin by Painting

Begin by painting the underside of the clean muffin tin. Use a lot of different colors.

Step 3: Print

When all the surfaces have been painted carefully lay the paper on top of the tin and gently rub each area.

when it is lifted, the paint will be offset onto the paper.

You can do a second print, or ghost print with the remaining colors.

Step 4: Adding the Lines

I used my ghost print to make my Colorful Dot-to-Dots drawing.

Using a sharpie (or any drawing tool you are comfortable with) create decorative lines to connect your dots.

Step 5: Another Example

On another print I made X marks on each surface before I printed it. When I made my connecting lines I arranged them into more of an X pattern.

You can also use the other end of the paintbrush to make marks in the paint before you print it.

Have fun

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