Introduction: Colorful Floppy Disk Box

Wonder what to do with your used floppy disks? I managed to figure out how to make a good use of it. Please feel free to check the step by step as captured in the following photos :D Feel free to share your feedback.

Step 1:

I used 11 floppy disks to make this box.
1. Arrange 8 floppies side by side
2. Tied them to each other using cable ties and then cut the hanging (leftover) ties 
3. Bend the floppies, so it will make a 3 x 1 (length x width) floppy box

Step 2:

Next, you can tie the other 3 remaining disks for the base. Cut the leftover hanging ties and voilaaa.. it's done :)

Step 3:

You can use tapes or iron paper clips to strengthen the ties between the floppies.
Good luck creating your colorful floppies box :)