Colorful Fort for the Little One :)

Introduction: Colorful Fort for the Little One :)

Kids are very special to parents. Arrival of kids bring happiness, joy, love, and Creativity in home. I made this little colorful fort for my son Akshay who is 1 year old. He likes to sit in his little fort and play with his toys in it..This is made out of an empty carton box, inexpensive and can be carried to any room easily.

Step 1: Colorful Fort for Kids

Step 2: Materials Used :

1) Empty carton box

2) Color paper sheets

3) Scissor

4) glue

Step 3: Process :

This fort is very simple to hardly takes 1 hour to finish. Lets see step by step process

Step 1 ; Take an empty carton box, cut an opening based on your child's height - so that your child can go inside easily and play.

Step 2 : Take some color paper sheets and paste them onto the carton box with the help of glue. I used blue, orange and Red colors.

Step 3 : Place a Quick dry sheet or a cloth inside - i did this because my child is just 1 year so he may spill his liquid food in it, to     protect the box the sheet is useful.

Step 4 : place the toys to attract your child..

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    This is actually very cute. You should add the picture in first step as the introduction picture. This will get better no. of views. Thank you for sharing :).