Introduction: Colorful Galaxy Night Lamp

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Hi Friends, Today am gonna show you how to make a superb galaxy night lamp from Mason jar.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. A Mason Jar

2. Soldering kit

3. Old Mobile Battery

4. RGB Led Bulbs

5. Hot Glue gun

Step 2: Attaching Battery and On/off Switch

1, First Attach the Old mobile battery on top of the bottle Lid with Hot Glue Gun

2, Now Attach the On/Off switch At the Side of the Battery with Hot Glue Gun

Step 3: Connect the Battery Terminals With On/off Switch

1, First put solider the positive and negative terminals of Battery so that it will be easy when assembling the LEDS and Switches.

2, Solider the one end of Switch terminals to Positive side of Battery.

Step 4: Connect the LEDS

1, Solider the second end terminals from On/off Switch to the Positive side of LED Terminals.

2, Now solider the Negative wire from LED to Negative side of Battery Terminals.

Step 5: Place the LED Bulbs on Top of Battery

1, Place the LED on top of the Battery and apply Hot glue.

Step 6: Here Comes Galaxy Night Lamp

Open the Lid and Switch it On and close the Lid.

Here comes a beautiful Galaxy Night Lamp. and this is portable, so where ever you go you can take it and it can glow even under water.

Step 7: Here Comes a Live Capture

This is how it looks when you see it in full dark

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