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Introduction: Colorful Garden With Rocks

A mini garden is an excellent idea for small spaces, they are perfect when you want natural plants, artificial or made in rocks as in this case. At home, but you don't have enough space like a backyard or terrace, they don't take up much space other than placing them on some furniture.

This is a project for indoor or outdoor, This mini rock garden is very colorful, fun and easy to do, it will bring a very beautiful energy to our home because of its colors.

I really had a lot of fun doing this project.

Step 1:


1 glass vase or flower pot

Rocks of different sizes

Gravel stones


Acrylic paint

Liquid golden leaf

1 toy house

small succulent


Step 2:

I chose a glass vase with the shape that can be seen in the photos, this vase has an interesting base which I do not want to fill with rocks and for that I glued with silicone a plastic lid that I found in my recycling which fitted perfectly.

This project can be done in glass vases, in flower pots or whatever you like.

Step 3:

Add to glass vase gravel stone.

Step 4:

For the next step I chose two stones, one with an elongated shape and the other with a more round shape, I chose them like this, since I want to imitate cacti, I could also use natural cacti and it would look incredible, but I wanted almost the entire project was made with Rocks.

With green acrylic paint, paint the stones to give the base the most characteristic color of cacti.

Step 5:

1.For the longer stone, with a darker green acrylic shade, make thick vertical lines.

2. With yellow acrylic, make vertical lines thinner than the dark green ones.

3.then with white acrylic make more vertical lines, after they are dry on the white lines make a kind of asterisks which will give us the appearance of cactus spikes.

Step 6:

To the rounder stone simply with the help of the wooden tip of the brush make points with acrylic paint.

2. Choose 3 small stones and paint them with purple acrylic paint.

3. With silicone paste the 3 purple stones on the round stone, this will give the appearance of the flowers that the cactus has.

Step 7:

This is a nice plastic toy house that was spinning around for no purpose, and I wanted to give it another look, plus it's ideal for my mini garden.

2. For the base, paint the entire house with black acrylic paint.

3. After it is competent dry, with hot silicone glue gravel stones in some places to give it a more rustic look.

Step 8:

1. Eleji red acrylic tile to whistle the roof.

2. With green acrylic paint the door, window and balcony.

3. Using the golden liquid foil paint the windows.

7. Using a dry brush with white acrylic apply the bricks to give it the appearance of stone.

Step 9:

Locate the decorative elements that have been chosen, for my part I chose as decorative elements a house and two stone cactus.

With decorative gravel "pebbles" blue color to make a lake, I placed it in front since I wanted the blue color of the rocks to be seen through the glass.

Step 10:

This is the final step with gravel stones to decorate the surface of the mini garden

1. With the white gravel stones make a path

2. Make the grass with the green gravel stones.

3. With natural colored stones I made a rustic wall.
4. Add a small natural succulent.

Step 11:

You will get a fun mini garden made with stones.

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