Introduction: Colorful Key Organization

I have many keys. One for the house, dorm, backdoor, office, mailbox, etc. Many of these keys are incredibly similar making it hard to find right one.

I can't copy to keys or damage them since I have to return many of them after I move out, ruling out painting the keys different colors or buying new ones in different colors. so that raises the question: How do I organize these keys without permanently damaging them?

Step 1: Materials

The solution I came up with is using different colors of duct tape to wrap each key, creating a temporary but efficient way of color coating keys!

I found a couple different colors by just searching around the house. one color for each key is ideal, and with there being hundreds of duct tape colors available, even a custodian would be able to use this life hack!

Step 2: Cutting and Taping

For each key, you'll want to cut off a strip of tape that's a little longer than twice the width of the key.

Then wrap the top of the key in duct tape, making sure you don't tape the part that actually inserts into the lock!

Finally use an hobby knife to cut away the hole for a keychain.

Repeat for every key, switching colors between each key.

Step 3: Finish

Now you won't have to fumble anymore with your newly organized keys!

The best part is that if you don't like the color anymore, simply take off the tape and apply a new color!

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