Introduction: Colorful Recycled Bottle Lamp

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These are easy to make, it just takes a little time cause you can't rush things.

You can use a drill to make these, but I have opted for my dremel, cause it is easier to make the holes nice and round (like it makes a difference)

You will need:
Spray Paint 
Empty Glass Bottles
a Dremel or other Rotary Tool
Diamond Bits
Christmas Lights (the bigger the bottle the more lights need to be on the string)

Step 1: Clean the Bottle

I used an A&W Cream Soda bottle.  I am making this for my nephew and the ones I have seen made from wine bottles seemed a little inappropriate, even with the label removed.  Clean the bottle and make sure it dries all the way before you start.  If there is water left in it, the dust gets stuck to it, and is hard to wash out.

Step 2: PAINT

Spray with a thin coat of paint.  The 2 picture use my Christmas colors of Krylon Raspberry and Emerald.  Let them dry over night before you start drilling.  I masked off a heart on the pink one before I started painting, but it's not really needed.

Step 3: Tape

To help start the hole, put some tape on the bottle where you are going to drill the hole.  I used a sheet of sticker paper on the first, and learnt my lesson.  The bigger the adhesive, the more the chance of paint being pulled off.  I worked around this problem though, and learnt for the future, use a smaller piece.  It's just enough to get it started, so it doesn't have to be much bigger that the bit.

Step 4: Choices of Bits

Above is a link to one of the sets I have bought.  As the diamond bits get worn off, the bits don't work as well.  This set is nice cause it's pretty cheap, and there are plenty of different styles.  I start with the ball to get the hole started, then move to one with a point to break through, then use one of the longer ones to grid and make the hole bigger.

Step 5: Start Drilling

The tape will help keep the bit from slipping.  Don't press too hard, because I hear it can cause the glass to crack.  Once the hole is started, you can remove the tape; just enough to be able to work with out the bit slipping all over the place.

Step 6: My Advice for Drilling

The bit will get hot if you use it too long, and so does the glass.  I like to spend a few minutes drilling, and then let it rest for a few minutes.  My favorite way is to drill during commercials, and let it rest while my show is on.  With a new set of bits, the whole process only takes about half an hour.  As the bits get older it can take longer.  

Step 7: Enlarge the Hole

Work the bit around the whole to make it large enough to fit the Christmas lights in.  If the don't fit in easily, grind some more off and try again. After you are done, wash the bottle out and let it dry ALL THE WAY, before you put the lights in.  

Step 8: Take Off Paint

If you want the old fashioned, worn in look use the tape to take off more of the paint.  You can also sand off some paint with your dremel.  It is not needed.

Step 9: Thread the Lights

Thread the lights and plug it in.  This green one is using a 35 multicolored strand.  

Step 10: Variations

Any glass bottle works, just remember the bigger the bottle, the more lights you need.  I made a huge one out of a vodka bottle a bar tender friend gave me, that I used orange Halloween lights (75% off after holiday sale).  And smaller bottles are great with those small strands that are battery operated, great for desks.  


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