Introduction: Colorful USB Flash Drive Case

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 I had a Flash drive that I took the case off, and i got a little tired of the exposed circuit board, so I decided to make this...

Step 1: Materials and Tools


post-it page markers

clear cellophane tape

USB flash drive


Hot glue gun


Step 2: Laying Down the Markers

Lay two across and overlap it so it doesn't go over the side lay them down to where you plug it in.

Step 3: Repeat

repeat to the other side 

Step 4: Cutting

 cut off the excess that obstructs you from plugging it into the computer.

Step 5: Tape It

 now to make it more durable and give it a nice shine add some transparent tape on it.

Step 6: Finishing Up!

 now the stickiness of the tabs are not enough to hold it on the flash drive so add some hot glue to it so it can stick more. 

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