Introduction: Colors of the Rainbow-Tinkercad

Hello! Im Kalani Tops, and today i will be presenting a project of my own, that you can also do, if you've got what it takes. I've made this project especially easy because im slow, and other people who could be reading this could be just like me!

So if you like to take it smooth and slow, and are a little bit slow like me and likes going the easy way, then this is the perfect thing for you!

Step 1: Step 1: Feel Confident

In order to do, and complete this project, you must feel confident in yourself before you even start! So take this time to become confident before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Step 2: Create the Project( Closest Picture I Could Find..)

Now, this was the closet image i can find. From this point, just copy it. And make sure that you put the resistor on 223,and Ω to make it light up the LED.

Step 3: Step 3:Copy the Code!

Copy the code if you really want your light to show the colors of the rainbow :)

Also, if you want to switch it up a bit and not do rainbow, you can always do a different color!

Just make sure for the code, the 3 number boxes go like this: 11, 10, 9


Step 4: Step 4: Make It Irl!(If You Want To)

Now, hear me out, you do NOT have to do this step, now that i think about it, you didnt have to do any of the steps, only if you want to!