Introduction: Colour Coding Vertical Files

I have, over a period of years, accumulated a large variety of information and resources over a wide range of subjects. I had been using vertical files cases to store these items, but after collecting dozens I needed a way to organize the cases so that I could readily retrieve materials. I wanted to colour code the files about common themes

Step 1: Materials

a variety of colours of magic carpets snow sliders

felt pen

clear wrapping tape

vertical file holders

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting the Lables

I measure the magic carpet (snow slider) against the vertical file holes (they come in different sizes). I then cut the plastic material using a paper cutter so they just fit within the front face of the file box.

Step 3: Coding

I cut six different colours of magic carpets. Each colour makes about 30 labels. I then grouped the colours around the various themes for the materials and topics I had collected. For example; the green covers were for environmental topics and the red were for projects, instructables and DYI projects.

Step 4: Labeling the Files

I use a permanent felt marker to label each of the file boxes subjects. I print the topic on the magic carpet square. This will rub off the plastic unless it is covered. I attach the label to the file box using clear packing tape. This keeps the notes in tact while attaching the colour code to the file box. Once I put the materials and information in the files, labeled the topics and put them on the shelf, I am now able to quickly find the information I want.

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