Introduction: Colour Stealing Mittens With Circuit Playground Express

The contemporary mittens are made from gloves, felt, Sequin and string with colour stealing CPX with batteries hidden inside it. This is a quick and cheap project (under 25 euros). In order to complete it you should have basic stitching skills, basic programming skills on MakeCode. However, special equipment and sewing tools are not needed.

Making this glove is a great way to improve your basic programming and sewing skills.

Step 1: Step 1: Getting Materials

1) Gloves (any size but soft material)

2) Embroidery Thread

3) Needle

4) Sequin

5) Double A Batteries (Rechargeable)

6) CPX


Step 2: Step 2: Create Code

1) Create a new project on Make code and find the “click” button. This is in order to turn the CPX off.

2) Find “Clear’ and use it in order to get rid of the colours when Button B on the CPX is clicked.

3) Find “set all pixels to 0” and use it in order to get rid of the colours when Button B on the CPX is cleared.

4) Use ‘on shake’ to start the process of the gloves ‘stealing’ the colour of whatever item you would like.

5) Find “set all pixels to ambient colour” in order to have the gloves steal the colour of whatever item you are shaking your gloves on.

Step 3: Step 3: Making Original Design

1) Get a glove

2) Sew the CPX onto the back of your glove. Use non conductive embroidery thread and do a couple of notes to make sure it stays on the the glove.

3) Create a pocket using felt to hide your battery in. To create a pocket use the felt and wrap it around the battery. Use a button to secure the pocket and the battery inside it.

4) Cut off the ends of the mittens in order to give total hand usability.

5) Stitch the cut off ends of the mittens on different parts of the mittens, in order to not waste any material.

6) Pick your favourite sequin and stitch it onto different parts of the mittens.

Step 4: Step 4: Final Thoughts

This design is fun to do and can have everyday use. I would recommend using the same code but creating your own design. Some future additions to this project could be putting LED lights all around the mittens and create a more complex code.