Colourful Drawing Pencils




Introduction: Colourful Drawing Pencils

A very simple, might be a weekend's project, either as a decorative or as a fence in your garden .

Step 1: Wood and Colour

It is just four, or more, pieces of pallet wood matched together, side by side in different length, and painted in the most vivid colours you prefer.

Step 2: Simple Design

Cut in different length [55 - 60 - 45 - 55cm] and make the pointed ends like a pencil's. Avoid very sharp end. Mix them to be well attractive.

Step 3: Fix Them (back Side)

I chose a holed metal band to be very thin, almost unseen, to keep them in two rows. Wood could be the same practical. The two vertical "nails" in the bottom are useful to be fixed in the ground. Painted green seem like being hanging in the air.

Step 4: Multiple Work

As the whole project is easy, you can work the same easily with more than one sets and decorate a tree around, or different corners in your garden. Painting is quite easy. Remember to leave a small space (use paper tape) between the trunk and the point (not sharp enough) to be a realistic result. As you buy paint cans and brushes once it worths doing the painting once and finish.

Step 5: Place It

I chose placing it in front of a tree. Make first the hole in the soil with another tool and then push gently the "nails" into the holes avoiding hammering the set itself, as the construction is very light and you may damage it.

Make yours with brighter or fluorescent colours, or choose another combination e.g. markers (with wider beams), different cuts and what your imagination and abilitiy may drive you to create as a nice decorative item. Enjoy it!

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    5 years ago

    Very nice project. As an avid Sketcher this caught my eye for my garden. Great way to use up scrap wood too.


    6 years ago

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]