Colourful Makeup for Beginners

Introduction: Colourful Makeup for Beginners

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A great look for a special occasion. Simple but glamorous.

Step 1:

First prime your face and then apply foundation all over your face and down your neck making sure there are no streaks. With concealer apply this to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead.

Step 2:

With setting powder apply this on top of the concealer to prevent creasing. Then with powder apply this over the rest of your face and neck.

Step 3:

Now fill in your brows. Brows are a great way to finish of the look.

Step 4:

To add some shape to your face apply a contour powder to the hollows of your cheeks, jaw line, forehead and nose.

Step 5:

Now apply a light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 6:

For the eyes you want to first primer them by applying a eye primer or concealer then apply a orange shade to the crease of your eyes and lower lash line. With a darker orange brown shade apply this to the crease and lower lash keeping this a little lower than the last shade.

With a champagne shimmer shadow apply this to the lid of your eye.

Step 7:

Now apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes and then some false lashes.

Step 8:

With a light pink lipstick apply this to the lips and then go over the top with a pink gloss.

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