Introduction: Colourful Giftwrap

I had the idea to make these colourful giftwraps a few years ago. Their structure makes it easier to wrap even unevenly shaped things, they are easy to make (also kinda relaxing:-) and look pretty pretty ;-)
The only disadvantage is that it takes a day for them to dry.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

- PAINT (it must be water-dilutable. I used small bottles of paint, used by painters to add a shade of colour to wall paint. I think any cheap water-dilutable paint will do well, even poster paint).

- POTATO STARCH (or corn starch or some powder found in the kitchen to make sauces thicker)

- PAPER (big sheets of plain wrapping paper. Fine, silky paper works well, but thicker paper also can be used)

- small pieces of cardboard, comb (not neccessary)

- small pots to put paints in (e.g. yoghurt pots)

- a big paintbrush

- newspaper to cover the floor

Step 2: Preparation

Put 2-3 heaped tablespoons of starch into a jar, mix well with cold water, then add boiling water to make a thick - yet not too thick paste. It should have the density of tomato puree or ketchup.
For 10 big sheets of paper you will need about 700 ml of this paste.

Use small pieces of cardboard. They can have the size of playing cards. Cut them to look like combs by a paper cutter or scissors.You will be able to use a normal comb too. Wait and see.

Now put some starch paste into a few yoghurt pots and mix with the paint. So you will have pots with thick paints of different colour.

Step 3: Painting

Spread a sheet of paper on the floor.
Paint it generously with the thick paint, you can even use more colours over each other (see small images).

Step 4: Decorating the Paper

Now use the cardboard "combs" to decorate the wet paint. Make any patterns. Curves, lines, circles...You can also use a normal haircomb.
For inspiration, see the small images below.
Then let the paper dry (as it is, on the floor). This takes almost a day.

Step 5: Ironing

As the papers are drying, they become a bit crumpled.
Therefore, once they are completely dry, you can iron them (with a normal iron, directly on the paper, temperature for wool).

Step 6: Ready to Do the Wrapping

And that's it. I hope you will like it. Happy Christmas, everyone.