Introduction: Comb-over Kal

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Kal is a robot lamp, purpose built for my entry.
I frequently need to pass through there to get in the shop, I get tired of turning on and off the overhead lights.

He has a switch mount motion detector in his mouth and two 12 volt bulbs for eyes.

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

Here you can see he is just some left-over track lighting cans and some bulb extenders purchased at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Total cost about 5 dollars US.

Step 2: Cut the Cans

I trimmed about two inches off one of the fixtures after removing the guts.
I wish I had taken a little more but he looks mostly proportional, it's hard to judge until all the extras are added.

Step 3: Electrics

The circuit is very simple it's just a motion detector used as a switch to the 12 volt track lighting transformer, it is rated to 50 watts the two eyes are 20 each so he won't get hot.
An on off switch was added so in the long days of summer we can turn him off, I chose to use heat shrink wrap on all my connections in case the cats knock him over.
The second photo was changed so the detector was in the front of the robot so he is more sensitive to movement.
I removed some of the detector covering this was un-necessary it did make him very sensitive to movement though.

Step 4: Paint

After drilling and pre-fitting all your parts give him a good paint job the color really makes a difference, yellow was considered but I thought it would make him look like a minion, which would be a good option if you are so inclined.
The eyes were taped off so they could be kept white.
His eyes are made from more 12 volt lighting parts those screens hung over a small spot lamp.

Step 5: Do Dads

Kal's arms are made from gas stove feeder tubes his hands are battery clamps, his comb over is drawer handles, I added some springs to hold his head together (a-la Homer Simpson) and more springs to beef up his legs.
The feet are from a differential (second hand)
As you can see his mouth is an old speaker cover.