Combat Robotics With Makeblock




Introduction: Combat Robotics With Makeblock

Disclaimer: Some of the weapons of Combat Robots are dangerous and you could hurt yourself if you are not careful. Use the proper safety equipment when dealing with weapons.

This is a tutorial on how to easily build a combat robot and suggestions for modifications.

Step 1: Materials

For this robot, you will need:

  1. Makeblock ultimate kit(229$)
  2. Timing belt pack(15$)
  3. 2 Dc motor pack(20$)
  4. 2 aluminum plates(30$)

Pretty much everything you need is in the ultimate kit.

Step 2: Frame Assembly(part 1)

For this, you will need to get out these parts:

  • 12-hole(4)
  • 9-hole(2)
  • Wheels(4)
  • Tires(4)
  • Axle things(4)(refer to pic)
  • 25mm dc motor(2)
  • Motor brackets(2)
  • Nuts & Bolts(Lots)
  • Thingamajiggers(4)

Step 3: Frame Assembly (part 2)

The frame is very simple and you should be able to assemble it just by looking at the pictures. Its basically four 12 hole beams, 2 suspending the microcontroller, the other two have motors mounted on the back and a free spinning wheel on the front. You will need to mount the external motor driver and BLE module to the underside of the 12 hole beams that hole up the microcontroller. motor This should take around 30 minutes to build.

Step 4: Armor Assembly(part 1)

For the armor, you will need:

  1. Bering's aluminum plates(2)
  2. 25mm dc motors(2)
  3. 11-hole beams(2)
  4. 10-hole beams(2)
  5. 6-hole beams(2)
  6. Spacers(8)
  7. Axle things(2)
  8. Set screws(4)
  9. Small timing belts(2)
  10. big gears(2)
  11. motor brackets(2)

Step 5: Armor Assembly(part 2)

If you purchased the right aluminum plates, you should be able to fit the edge of said plate into the grooves 11*2 hole beams. If you follow the pictures I took, you should be able to build the armor. It is not too tricky. Once you have completed the armor mount the two 25mm dc motors onto the top of the armor as shown in the photos. Rig the timing belt and gear as shown an the photos and you will be able to use the front plate as a weapon.

Step 6: Attach the Armor to the Frame

This step is super easy. As shown in the photos, attach a rail beam using the large spacers on the frame and just zip-tie the armor to the frame. You are done with building the robot. If you followed the pictures and written instruction, you should be ready to send your bot into battle. Just turn on you robot and your iPad or iPhone, wait till the app ( which is called MakeBlock) connects and see if your robot responds. If it does, you're good to go. Alright, thanks for reading and follow for more cool stuff.

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