Introduction: Combination Lock USB Memory Stick

The Problem:
I have a USB memory stick with built in security software, GREAT! However it tends to be a little unreliable when it comes to using the memory stick on computers other than my own either taking ages to get logged into it or even not getting access to it at all.

The Solution:
So i decided that after receiving a free 3D print from the last competition i decided i would design a combination locked USB memory stick using Solidworks 3D!! Which should be here any day?

Using 4 wheels numbered 0 - 9 gives me 10,000 Combinations!!!!!!

Here are the results and i hope you enjoy the step by step guide

****now available to buy at shapeways link below****

Step 1: USB Memory

The first step was to draw up the USB memory i had purchased for the project, it was relatively small 1Gb but it was all i could find at the time and it is specifically sold without a case for the purpose of making a case/container yourself, alternatively if your needing a larger memory capacity jusy remove the business end from one you previously purchased.

I started off by measuring the usb with a set of calipers and making a sketch of the PCB on the top plane and extruding it to the appropriate depth.

Next on the right plane i sketched the metal part of the USB (male End) extruding it also.

With the USB completed in one part i could now use it to design my casing around!!

Step 2: USB Circuit Board (PCB) Casing.

After examining a few USB cables lying aroung i settled on a measurement for the amount i want the metal end protruding from the casing and using this measurement along with the overall length of the PCB and a couple of millimetres for the casing thickness i was able to sketch and extrude a suitable casing length.

The catches/location points for the combination wheels were refined in the assembly at a later point!!

Step 3: Recieving End of the Casing Combination Wheels

The Recieving casing was a little more difficult and thought provoking to sketch and extrude never the less a suitable result was achieved.

With this completed i could draw the edn cap for it which would keep the combination wheels on and in place.

The next part to draw was the combination wheel.

Step 4: The Finished Product!!!

And so the completed USB casing should look a little something like this !!!

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