Introduction: Combined Sandwich

Hey hey, when thinking of a sandwich you never always just want a plain sandwich that everybody eats! Sometimes it takes a little thinking of what you want, this is why I've created a sandwich that you will never be bored of. A nice crispy, cheesy, meaty, and a little bit healthy sandwich that will fill you up! This is a kid-friendly and adult-friendly sandwich with supplies you probably have already have at home! Enjoy the combined sandwich!


What you will need for this sandwich is...

1. Bread

2. Ham/turkey(of your choice)

3. Cheese(of your choice)

4. Lettuce

5. Cutting knife/board

Step 1: Get You Ingredient's Out.

Making sure you have everything prepared and ready will help you save a lot of time so you are not running back a fourth when you forget something.

Step 2: Cut Your Bread

I had decided to cut off the crust of my bread, so it would look better and so when I toasted it won't burn off the edges or not be cooked. I didn't want something cold and soggy nor burnt. It is your choice if you want the crust on or off.

Step 3: Wash Your Lettuce.

Make sure you wash your lettuce so there's no dirt or germs on your food.

Step 4: Cut You Lettuce.

Make sure to cut your lettuce into small pieces so there's more room for the other condiments.

Step 5: Cut Your Ham/turkey

Cut you ham/turkey into small pieces so there is also more room and you can spread it out.

Step 6: Put Your Lettuce on Top of Your Bread

Make sure to spread it out on top of both pieces of bread

Step 7: Add Your Ham/turkey on Top of Your Lettuce

Make sure to also spread your ham/turkey out on both pieces of bread.

Step 8: Put Your Cheese On

Put a mountain or a bump of cheese to cover both pieces of bread.

Step 9: Put Them on Top of Each Other and Then Press the Edges Together With Your Fingers.

When pressing down make sure you do it softly till there edges are closed so the nothing spills out.

Step 10: Toast It

You can put it in the toaster or fry it on a pan. I chose to toast it.

Step 11: Enjoy!

Now time to try and enjoy the combined sandwich! Hope you all like it!

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