Introduction: Combining Volumes for Solid Figures

5th Grade Geometry Math worksheets with different solid figures, mostly cubes and rectangles.
You will need:
1.Lego or mega blocks.
2.Pencils and erasers.
3.Ruled or scrap paper to find volumes. 

Step 1:

4.Look at the figure and try to visualize in 3-D shape with Legos or mega blocks.

5.For finding volumes, you should always check in the length, width and height.

Step 2:

6.Look at the figures you have to find volumes for and visualize them in 3-D.

7.Now start building the bottom or the bigger shape first out of Legos or mega blocks.

8.Once you have finished building, find the volume of the big rectangular figure and note it down.

9.Next build the smaller shape exactly the way you did the bigger shape.

Step 3:

10.Once you find the volumes of both the figures, just add them.

11. And "Voila", you got the combined volume of the solid figure.