Introduction: Comfort Corset

If you don't like your figure then this is the perfect instructable for you. It's quick and easy to make and doesn't involve tricky boning or patterns. The corset is actually very comfortable to wear. (Not as fierce as shop-bought corsets though)

All you need is:

  • non-stretchy material (It may seem counter productive but trust me)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (you could sew it by hand but it wouldn't be as strong)
  • measuring tape
  • string or ribbon

Step 1: The Basic Shape

First you need to take your measurements.

My sizes are:

  • under bust- 32 inches
  • waist- 30 inches
  • hips- 37 inches

The sizes my corset will be are:

  • under bust- 30 inches
  • waist- 24 inches
  • hips- 35 inches

Cut out a shape like the one shown, 2 inches bigger than your corset size. This is to leave room for hemming. The height of the corset will be 20 inches no matter what size you are so make it 22 inches so you can hem.The top length should be your under bust size, the bottom your hip size and the middle your waist size. Make a curve to 'join' the measurements.

Step 2: Hemming

To stop the edges fraying you need to hem them. Just fold over half an inch and then another half inch. Stitch along the edges and that's it!

Step 3: DIY Eyelets?

You could use eyelets for the next part but I didn't. Instead, I sewed 2 lines half an inch apart down the curved sides, following the shape of the material. Next I stitched ten button holes between the two lines which are an inch apart, an inch long and half an inch from the top and bottom.

Step 4: Straps

Wrap the corset round your body and measure the length required for straps. Use ribbon/string/strips of material to create straps. Just stitch them on in the required place!

Step 5: Voila!

Your comfort corset is now complete! Just lace it up and your ready to go. It can be laced at the front or back so it's great for almost any outfit!