Introduction: Comfort Mask Upgrade

In this instructables you will learn how to easily design a comfort strap to be 3D printed for a protective mask. It requires very little time and makes for a quick and effective 3D print. Wearing masks at this time is a necessity to keep us all safe, but it can become painful or irritating to our ears. This comfort strap is designed to take the pain off your ears so you can continue to stay protected from the virus in your daily life.


3D printer

Filament (preferably ABS plastic)

a protective mask

Step 1: Let’s Start

We will be using Tinkercad by Autodesk for this project. It is a free to use, easy to start 3D design website. To start we want to create a box. The dimensions should be 20mm x 150mm x 1mm.

Step 2: Making It Flexible

Now we need to create another box (this one will be a hole) with dimensions 16mm x 100mm x 1mm. Center the two boxes and combine them with the group tool in the top left corner. This will cut the hole box from the first one.

Step 3: Create the Hooks

Now create another box with dimensions 7mm x 30mm x 1mm. Place it on one end of the object as shown. Then create a roof (the green triangle) with dimensions 7mm x 30mm x 1mm and make it a hole. Place it on the box we just made as shown and combine the two to create the hook shape.

Step 4: Finish It Off

The last thing we need to do is make sure both sides have hooks. To do this duplicate the hook we just made. Then rotate it 180° and place it on the opposite end of the strap as shown.

Step 5: We’re Done!

We’ve finished designing the comfort strap and now all that is left to do is 3D print it (I suggest using ABS plastic). Now you can focus on your work and not your ears. Be sure to like this instructables if you enjoyed it and please vote for it in the 3D printing contest.

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