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Introduction: Comfort Fit Lanyard

About: I'm a full time Student in the electric power field, Musician, Carpenter 10+ years, and a life long builder of anything I can glue, cut, weld, tie, burn, stain, beat, bend or solder.

I interned this last summer at a nuclear power plant, and I had to wear a lanyard with my I.D. badge. All the people working there had real cool lanyards (especially the old timers). Well, after looking online I found that nice lanyards that are durable cost at least 20 bucks. Then I remembered I make stuff. I found a old lanyard at the power plant (for the breakaway) and the rest was rope and string. I tied a 12 inch portugese sinnet with the rope and strung the ends of another piece of rope through the loops at the end of the sinnet. Here you could tie any kind of loop knot, but I wrapped power pro around each end about 100 times and I think it turned out looking pretty good. Then I cut the single piece of rope and slipped each end of the plastic break away on and melted the ends of the rope (believe it or not this is how they do it when you buy them new). I had to have a breakaway on my lanyard for OSHA and in-case my lanyard ever got caught on any moving equipment. The loop on the side is just there for my dosimeter when in the Radiological Controlled Area (RCA). This knot is a simple surgeon loop that can be undone at any time. The funny thing about this was that I got a good sunburn on my neck (you know a redneck) but with this I had a line across my neck so I had a double redneck. If anyone wants to try this check out
TIAT 's video on this knot. Every other knot known to man and how to tie it can also be found on TIAT's videos.

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    My hubby is a nuke and wants me to learn how to make these type of lanyards for the whole MM department! LOL I've got 7 weeks til outage so THANK YOU for posting this!


    8 years ago on Introduction

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