Introduction: Comfortable Duct Tape Sandals

Many types of duct tape sandal designs are out there, but none of them are that comfortable. This instructable will show you Comfy Duct Tape Sandals.

Step 1: Materials

The following are the materials you will need.

Duct tape
Spray adhesive (You could try using glue)
A pencil
Foam ( I used Walmart camping pad)

Step 2: The Base

Start by cutting out 4 sandal shaped cardboard pieces. Then use spray adhesive to put two cardboard cutouts together. Then do it again. Ta da! Now you have your base.

Step 3: The Foam

Cut out two sandal sized foam pieces. Spray adhesive them to both bases.

Step 4: The Duct Tape

Duct tape around and around the sandal until you feel you have enough duct tape on. I would recommend three times around the entire sandal. Then duct tape around the side of the sandal.

Step 5: Start of the Strap

The next step's idea was from another instrutable. Fold a strip of duct tape so it looks like a up side down T. Put it where you want your  big toe split from your other toes.

Step 6: Attaching the Strap

This next step is  long and confusing. I suggest looking at the pictures with the instructions. If you have problems, ask me.

1. Take a long piece of duct tape and fold it in half length wise so that it is skinnier than it used to be. (The basic idea for this step is that you do not want to have sticky stuff exposed on your foot strap.)

2. Take your duct tape strip and fold it into a "W". (i.e fold it in half then, then fold it up in the opposite direction so that it looks like the letter W)  You should make the middle part of the "W" only as high as the upside down "T" is.

3. Now place the middle (the ^part ) of the duct tape "W"  on the part  of the T that is sticking up.

4. Now it's time to tape the strap on the sandal. The best way to do this is to wrap tape around your W/T so that they are stuck together. After you do this it should look like a V. Now you want to take the ends of the V and wrap them around to the bottom of the sandel. (before taping it is advisable to check and see where the best fit is for your straps)  Then tape the ends of the straps down and add another layer of duct tape for extra hold. 

Step 7: Finished

You are now done. If you want you could use different colors of duct tape to make your sandal look cooler. 

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