Introduction: Comic Book Hair Brooch

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This fun hair accessory crosses inspiration from the Comic Book Magnets project with that of the basic hair brooch on Joann's website (see below for credit details).


Comic Book Magnets:

Classic Hair Brooch:

Step 1: Materials

To make these fun hair brooches with comic book flair, you will need...

  • images of comics (you can use old comic books, print-outs of comic images, or use images from comic strips found in old newspaper; here I am using comic images from my 2012 Betty Boop Calendar)
  • bottle caps (I found them at Joann's)
  • clear epoxy domes (I found them at Joann's)
  • pencil
  • Mod Podge
  • bags of feathers (or feather pads; I bought 2 of them from Michael's for $0.29)
  • coordinating fabric (if you can't find feather pads)
  • tiny hair clips
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • pearls

Step 2: Make the Comic Style Pins

Choose an image from a comic book and use an epoxy dome to trace around it. These are stick-on, so then, once you've cut out your image, you can stick it inside a bottle cap with the dome on top.

I've included the pearls and Mod Podge on the materials page, because, what you can also do is make a pearl styled pin. Just put some Mod Podge [Dimensional Magic] inside the bottle cap, place some pearls on top, and add another layer of Dimensional Magic on top.

Step 3: Create the Brooch

You can make this brooch in one of 2 ways:

1) Grab a bag of feathers and arrange them into a cluster. Then, glue in place on a 1 inch piece of felt.


2) Get a feather pad, and glue the comic book "pin" to the top.

Whatever you can do, once you're done gluing those pieces, let dry.

Finally, attach the brooch to the back side of a tiny hair clip.

Step 4: Place in Your Hair

Now, it's ready to place in your hair! These make for great gifts and hair accessories!