Introduction: Commode for My Son

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Step 1: This Is the Project

Realize a chest of drawers which integre under the bed of my son

Step 2: What's You Need

Step 3: Draw and Cut

You have to draw and cut 3 pieces of cardboard.

Then, you will cut the 3 profiles

1- the facade,

2- the intermediate

3- the last one that is the background

Step 4: Cut Crosspeaces

You have to make notches in the intermediate cardboard, about every 10 cm

Then you have to draw and cut the crosspeaces like the picture.

It's important to make your furniture very strong.

Step 5: Place and Stick

Place every crosspeace on the intermediate's cardboard and stick them with the glue gun.

You have to verify that everything is perpendicular with the square tool. It's important !

Then, you will cut pieces of cardboard to put inside every recess.

Keep on your mind that the chest should be perpendicular...

Step 6: Sand and Stick Gummed Tape

You will have to make a hard work; It's moment to sand each facade, each edge.

Then, you have to stick gummed tape. What is it? ; Where can you buy this gummed tape ? I give you a link to succeed in =

See the video to know how to make this step =

Don't forget that the gummed tape shoud be wet to have a good result.

Step 7: Apply a Coating

this is a spécial coating.

See the receip on the picture.

Be carreful to mix better as you can

Then you take a brush or a paint roller to apply.

Apply a thin layer. Then sand and apply a second thin layer and sand again

Step 8: Paint and Vitrify

It's time to paint as you want, as you like.

At the end, you should protect the chest from humidity so vitrify one or two layers

Step 9:

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