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Introduction: Communication Book

Rosa had her first stroke in 2010, causing her right body part be paralysed. Last year, she had a second stroke and had to stay in a hospital. This time she has severe motor aphasia, which means she understands what people say but she can't express herself anymore. Also, Rosa was born blind with one eye. Rosa uses a tripod to walk short distances.

These events have changed the life of Rosa fundamentally. Her family and nurse asked us to make a communication device which makes communicating with Rosa easier. We had to take account of the discretion of the product. Our solution is two-part. First there is a placemat (the communication book) with anti-slip material where her plate can be put. This way, she can eat easily with one hand, without pushing her plate of the table. The front is a pointing board with pictures that allows Rosa to communicate basic needs. On the other side of the communication board, there is a week scheme. This scheme shows the days of the week with the activities Rosa has during the day. Second, there is a holder provided that can be fixed on Rosa's tripod. There she can put her communicationbook. This way, she can always take her communication device with her. For this assignment it was important to know who Rosa is, what her living environment is and who are the most important people in her life. It's a tailor-made product. With our product we hope the communication between Rosa and her family or nurses runs in a smoother way.

this products comes with a holder

Step 1: What Do You Want to Tell?

First, it is important to know what your user needs to tell. Our client, Rosa, stays in a nursing home. It is important for her that she can express her needs and feelings. Also, it is important she gets a sense of time.

To know what Rosa's environment is, we went there to take pictures of her stuff. These pictures were placed in several categories such as care, recreation, food, ...

It is important that all pictures are the same size, it makes the product clearer.

the black box will be used to put a calendar sheet in.

Step 2: Print and Cut It

print the placemat on vinyl. Cut it out

Note: you can use another material, as long it's washable.

Step 3: Sew Sew Sew

First i sewed the calendar box.I used a plastic sleeve. I cut it, 2 mm bigger than the black box. I did this so I could sew it on the lines of the box.

Now you need to sew the back and front together

Second I sewed the long ends. This needs to be double, so there is a thickness. This thickness is needed because the placemat and anti-slip material will be fixed in a clamping profile. If it is too thin, you could pull it out.

I put a piece of fabric between the two layers vinyl, to make it extra thick. This is optional.

Third I sewed the sides, just a straight line. Make sure the two layers are placed nicely it they move during you sew, it will give bubbles.

Step 4: Saw the Clamping Profiles

I used tape to indicate where I needed to saw.

I used a hacksaw to saw the clamp. It is necessary to file the profile a bit, because it wasn't really straight.

Note: It is easier to grind it

Step 5: Anti-slip Material

You need a stanley cutter, marker, transparent anti-slip material, a ruler and a mat.

Cover your week scheme with the anti slip material, draw the line of the first column. Cut it with a stanley cutter. Use the ruler to get a straight line.

Do this twice.

Now you have 2 parts anti-slip material.

Step 6: Sew Pt. 2

What you need:

paper tape

cotton ribbon (15 mm)

sewing machine

anti-slip material from previous step

Again, you need to sew the sheets together.

I used paper tape to ensure they stay in place. This is not a great idea, because the glue of the tape damages the needle.

I used small pieces of tape to ensure the ribbon stays in the right position.

Step 7: Put It All Together

What you need:

The communication placemat

The clamps (2)

The anti-slip sheet

make sure the anti slip sheet is placed correctly. The cotton ribbon should cover the line between weekdays and the pictures.

Slip over the clamps


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    ni ni
    ni ni

    8 years ago

    wonderful xxx


    8 years ago

    We help Chinese speaking pilots at a local flight school. This should speed up their learning English. Thanks.


    8 years ago

    Very useful! I was struck by a car when I was 20 and lost part of my language for a while. I could have used this at hospital!