Introduction: Compact Flash Flashlight

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here's how to make a stelthy flashlight that can be filled with LED's of your choice. Everyone will think this is posible with a normal compact flash

Step 1: Materials

-Compact flash
-mini-momentary pushbutton switch
-enameled wire
-soldering gun and solder
-masking tape
-drill with 5/32' drill bit
-Welder contact adhesive
-3v 2016 battery

Step 2: Disassemble

take apart your broken compact flash with a knife and take out the board but keep the outside

Step 3: Disassemble Cont.

drill a hole in the front of the card and file down the edges

score with a knife along the sides of the leads being careful to leave the holes intact

if your the impatient type just dremel it out

Step 4: Solder

connect the leads of each side to one another but avoid soldering the one with a piece of metal to anything because there are two like that on both sides and they are connected to each other.

then solder the wires to the switch and tape them to the battery

when your done check the voltage of the device and mark it

Step 5: Assesemble

cover the sides with tape so not to short it out then stuff everything in and tape it down.

glue the board and sides together and hold them with clamps

for me the front side of the board was + and the bottom was -

Step 6: Done

now your done so you can plug in your LED or buzzer up to it and everyone will think it works with every compact flash