Introduction: Compact Knex Gun

This is my 1st instructable and also my 1st knex gun.
Shoots white rods
Around 20 Ft. range( with 2 Rubber Bands)
Compact (as the title suggests)
Only uses 30 pieces(Including 2 Rubber Bands and not including mods)

Step 1: What You'll Need

10 white
6 green
3 orange
2 blue
2 green
3 yellow
1 white
2 rubber bands

Step 2: Making All the Parts

Just make all the parts in the pictures. They're all pretty simple.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Again, just follow the pictures. Simplicity is fun!

Step 4: Loading and Firing

To load, pull the yellow rod with the orange connector back and push the white rod on the side up. After you do this, put a white rod into the center hole of the white connectors(the side opposite the yellow rod/orange connector). To fire, push the white rod on the side down.

Step 5: Mods

Any mods I make, I will post pictures for them here.
Pic 1
I added 12 green rods to the handle. This gives it (in my opinion) a cooler feel.