Introduction: Compact Outdoors Emergency Pack

When you go out into the wilderness for hiking or camping, it is necessary to make sure that you are prepared for whatever mother nature might throw at you. This is my simple and compact kit that I carry with me in case of emergency.

Step 1: What's Inside?

1x Travel Pouch

1x Altoids Tin

1x Swiss Army Knife

1x Utili-Key

1x Flashlight

2x AA Batteries

1x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle

2x Cotton Balls

4x Matches

1x QuickClot Travel

4x Band-Aids

2x Neosporin-To-Go

2x Alcohol Wipes

2x Cotton Pads

2x Q-Tips

5ft Duct Tape

20ft Yellow String

4x Zip Ties

2x Rubber Bands

1x Pen

4x Small Sheets of Paper

1x Keychain Flashlight

1x Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Step 2: Tools

The Swiss Army Knife and Utili-Key have immeasurable uses from cutting to opening bottles and cans. I like to have the Utili-Key as well as the Swiss Army Knife because it can easily be put onto a keychain and clipped onto a belt loop. I like the Cree UltraFire flashlight because it is compact and very bright and I bring 2 extra AA batteries with it (it only needs one). I also bring the keychain light because it can go with the Utili-Key on a belt loop where is is easily accessible.

Step 3: First Aid

I keep most of the first aid in a sealed bag in the altoids tin. It is for basic cuts and scratches so that nothing becomes infected. I also carry the Quick-Clot Travel in case of a larger injury to stop more major bleeding, but it does not fit in the tin. In addition, I bring roughly 5 feet of duct tape wrapped around an old card and a few sheets of paper and a pen to take quick notes. The whole Altoids Tin is held closed with a rubber band, which itself has many uses.

Step 4: More Stuff

The 5-In-1 survival whistle is pretty great. It has its flaws, but I think it is good to bring along. It has a whistle, flint, compass, mirror, and waterproof compartment that I put the cotton balls and matches in. However, the flint does not work too well, so I would recommend bringing an alternate fire starter other than the matches. I also bring about 20 ft of strong yellow string and a few zip ties which have multiple uses. Finally, I bring a stainless steel water bottle which could be used to boil water in an emergency.

Step 5: Additional Options

Depending on where you will be, there are other items which might be required. It might be a good idea to bring a knife, a better fire starter, a plastic bag or ziplock bag, an emergency blanket, and a water purifier such as tablets or a filter such as a LifeStraw.

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