Introduction: Compact Rocket Engine That Costs Under $20 to Make

ok i have never submitted anything so before so I'll try my best to describe how to make it What you will need

one T shaped pipe (any size will do just make sure the other pipe will fit)
one regular flat straight pipe
one wooden board ( this is to keep it stationary and make sure it stays in 1 place)
couple zip ties
1can of axe body spray (or any other flammable spray that burns like a candle WARNING THAT DOES NOT EXPLODE)
one end cap

and a BBQ lighter (this is the light with the long stem)

Step 1: Base

for this to work you need a base meaning something to hold it in place. So what you need to do is
place your board on a flat surface.

Step 2: Assembly

now take you flat straight PVC pipe, T shaped PVC pipe, and end cap now is when you start to assemble. take the straight piece and screw it into the T shaped piece. After you do that screw then end cap on the end of the T shaped piece that is left open. ( make sure when you are at the hardwhare store to please makes sure you pieces fit!!!!!!)

Step 3: Put in It Place

now the only thing left is to tie it down so u dont burn yourself so pplzplzplzplzplzplz plz DO THIS STEP those grey things are zip ties.

Step 4: Fuel

now wat is left is to unscrew the end cap and place axe can inside push it on the side treds then place your BBQ lighter in the top hole. Then you know what to do


Your stupid actions if you blow your face off is not my fault. You agreed to participate and make this engine that also entitles you as hurting yourself not me there are no mechanical errors in my engine if you have one thats your fault you putting it together. if you do blow your face off well...... not my fault.