Introduction: Companion Table From Reclaimed Material

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hello friends, I am feeling immense pleasure while presenting my fist ever instructable in front of you.

I am following this website since around two years. whenever I feel nerves or depressed i visit this website, read various instructables, comments, watch videos & I get recharged instantly.

I think people here at instructables doing great job who always share, inspire, & support creative ideas which plays very important role in boosting the confidence between the people like me having literally zero skills.

I dedicate this instructable as humble try to all my instructables gurus who have unknowingly shown me the path to become independent by implementing DIY.

My Way of Doing Things -

  • I always use reclaimed materials, not only it is economical but it is more Eco-friendly to do so.
  • I make a rough idea about what i am going to do & which material is to be used.
  • though I have decided dimensions for a particular thing, I change the dimension & deign in order to use optimum materials & cause least wastage as possible.

Step 1: Gathering Materials & Tools.

Here, to make this multipurpose convertible table, I Use following Material & tools.

Materials -

  1. A piece of ply - 34" x 52" x 12 mm thick
  2. pine wood - 5 Nos. 2.5" x 1.5" x 58" long
  3. pine wood - 5 Nos. 1" x 2.25" x 36" long
  4. acrylic putty for leveling surface
  5. wood primer
  6. oil based paint of satin finish, which gives good protection and also gives slightly matt finish.

Tools -

  1. a jigsaw
  2. a drill
  3. hammer
  4. screw driver
  5. 2.5" full thread screws
  6. 2" nails where necessary, etc.

Step 2: Make Table Top As Per Design

i wanted to make a table which can be converted by splitting in two. and by arranging in various forms we can use this table as various seating capacities.

I take a piece of ply which was laying at my site.

size - 34" x 52" and having 12 mm thickness.

first i cut corners round.

and then cut the ply diagonally in two pieces, as shown in photo.

Step 3: Make Frame

take 1" x 2.5" sections, cut them and join togather to make supportive fame for the table top.

here, we decided to place the frame 6" inside from all sides so that the seek and delicate look of the table can be achieved.

after that we cut 4 pieces of 2.5" x 1.5" x 58" long sections in half to get 8 legs for table. (four for each)

Step 4: Preparation for Painting

level the top surface of table by applying acrylic putty and after recommended curing period sand it by 320 & 600 grit sand paper, to achieve smooth and leveled surface.

Step 5: Join the Frame and Top

now join the table top to the frame by applying white glue and by driving screws through it.

Step 6: Paint the Table and Apply Finish.

apply wood primer on the top surface.

ply soaks the first coat. after curing of 4 to 6 hrs. you can apply several coats of paints of your desired shade.

allowing adequate time for curing of intermediate coats.

Here is some twist,

My Friend labesh got an idea to imprint the leaf on table surface.

We make several trials and afterwards, we made it.

The imprints give very nice feel to the table.

My brother Pankaj applied some leftover melamine finish on the legs and frame after sanding it with various sand papers. ranging from 150, 320, 600 grit papers.

Step 7: Now the Table Is Ready

Now the table is ready

You can arrange this table as you wish or can use it as separate two tables.

I also made another Murphy desk for my pretty sister Shreya which she loves most. it acts as chalkboard and a cupboard as well as a desk. i also made a bench and a small table for balcony of my aunt's apartment. but unfortunately, i don't have step by step photos for the same.

All thanks to my friend Labesh, Pankaj and my family who encourage me to make nice things.

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