Introduction: Compass of Mind

“This compass does not point north. It points to the thing you want most in this world." Captain Jack Sparrow

Project by:

Zhetao Dong, Hooman Salyani

The project conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program.

Step 1: Parts

(1) Arduino Uno

(1) NeuroSky Mind-wave Sensor

(1) Magnetometer (HMC5883L / QMC5883L)

(1) Bluetooth Module

(1) Stepper Motor (28BYJ-48)

(1) ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

(1) Photo-Resistor

(3) LEDs (Red, Yellow, Green)

(1) 10KΩ Resistor

(3) 220Ω Resistor

A bunch of wires, glue and a healthy brain

Step 2: Mechanism

-In order to test the mindwave sensor mechanism download the sample circuit diagram and Arduino code for it.

-The mechanism of the compass is based on the difference of the headings that magnetometer outputs, which means the stepper rotates the angle you rotate the magnetometer. Since we are using the difference of the heading values, direction of the sensor inside the compass doesn't matter.

Step 3: Arduino / Circuit

Step 4: Code

Necessary libraries:

1. Wire

2. QMC5883L

3. Stepper

Some notes:

- Photo resistor value is for initiation if the cover is taken off

- Compass function outputs the heading value from 0-360

- Mindwave function outputs the attention value from 0-100

- Matrix is a list of data, first number is the attention value, second one the heading, third one to see if the value was added or not

- You can read a lot of outputs in the serial

Step 5: Fabrication

3d print!

1. Download the files

2. Customize it for yourself

3. 3d Print

4. Place everything together (See diagram)

5. Glue the star on the cover

6. Maybe paint it as you wish

You're ready to go!

Step 6: How to Use It?!

Grab the compass! Take of the cover! Share your mind-wave sensor with the bluetooth, then you see the yellow LED turns on(The red LED shows you the sensor is collecting poor quality data). It's time to collect some brain data! Rotate where you are 360 degrees and keep rotating slowly until you see the green LED. Stop! The direction compass shows you, is where you want to go the most deep down! Have Fun!