Compiuter Prank Virus.

Introduction: Compiuter Prank Virus.

This is a compiuter prank virus that you can send it to anyone. It's harmless (to coumpiuter). You can make a one that ends, and another that doesn't end.

Step 1: The Endable Virus (prank).

For this step you need to open your notepad.
When you open it you need to write this:

lol=msgbox ("Hi" ,16, "Error")

Ok, were is the "Hi" and "Error" you can add anything and as for the number you can do anything, first you could look at all of them. well the nubers that i found are 16, 32, 48 and 64.

And you can copy, add and paste it. Make it how long you want it, and something like "Would like to delete you harddrive?"

Ok, when your done, save the file as   yourtitle.vbs
You need to save it as .vbs unless it wont work.

Step 2: The Non Ending Virus Prank

Ok mates, for this you'll need to open notepad again.

know write in this:

i = 0
Do While True
msgbox ("you clicked me " & i & " times.")
i = i + 1

and again between "" you can add what ever you like.
and if you like a press-countdown you can do like this

i = 10
i = i - 1

and it counts backwords.
And again save it .vbs file.

Step 3: Closing

If you tried to open your prank virus and didn't close, that meens that you are a curious person.
But seriosly, to close it you need to open the task manager (ctrl+alt+del).
On the tabs press the "Processes" tab.
and search for the "wscript.exe" and end the process. Don't worry if there comes another window, just close it, it won't do anything bad, unless you close the wrong one

An edit: You can send it to anyone as how you enter it in, like if your title is "Magic trick revieled" you can make it like this in the popup "How many times you press it it never closes, you pressed it ## times. Great trick huh?". It depends on how can you lie. Make something like "If your curious, look at this". It's your choise, be creative.
__________          ____          ____               _____          ____
|                    |           |        |         |         |               \          \       /         / 
|__        ___|           |        |____|         |                \          \    /         /
      |       |                  |        _____        |                  \          \/         /
      |       |                  |        |          |        |                  /          /\        \ 
      |___|                  |___ |          |___ |                /____/    \____\     for watching.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    How do you get someone to run this script? If you say "Try this vbs I wrote", it's not much of a prank.



    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Send it as a spam or something. Like "This will blow your mind", "Magic trick reviieled" or "Watch it without laughting". If you know how to lie good then he will go on it. But make the titel like prank, if your title as an egz. "Magic trick revieled" you can do it like this, "The trick is, how many times you pressed ok you will never close it, and you pressed ## times. Great trick huh?" Be creative.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I get that. Add it in as the last step to complete the job?