Complaint Button (Remix)

Introduction: Complaint Button (Remix)

I saw the model of the complaint button with the bird and I love it, so I want to make my own version, I had designed every piece so this is an original design isnpired in the complaint button design.

here is the link to the original creator:


you will need to print the pieces so you need a 3D printer

some rubber bands for hair

strong glue (cianoacrilato)

Step 1: Print All the Models

print all the models and clean it , in order to start the building.

1x boton

1x caja

1x caja2

1x complaint

1x engrane_1

1x flecha martillo

1x flecha_palanca

1x flecha1

1x martillo

1x palanca

1x tapa

3x tope

1x letras (this is the same as "complaint" file but in spanish, so it is not neccesary to print)

Step 2: Add the Axes

the axes must be free so maybe you will need to sand in order to set free the pieces.

Step 3: Put Axes on "caja2" File

set the axes on the holes as show in the image.

NOTE: you should put two rubber bands on the"palanca" model, one on each side of the model.

then you should glue the axes, I recommend to use super glue and sodium bicarbonate

Step 4: Set the Button on "tapa"

you should sand the button guides, so the button moves as freely as it can.

Step 5: Glue the Complete Box

the you should glue the "tapa" to the box, once it is glued you may connect the rubber bands to the floor and roof of the box. this is important to make the hammer return to his initial position.

the final step is to put the last part "caja" I recommend not to glue this part , that's because the rubber bans get old and brake, so if you have to change the rubberbands it will easier.

and that's it , you can pain it as you want.

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