Introduction: Complete Access to Desktop PC Through IPhone

I have put together what I feel is a pretty thorough guide to using your iPhone to connect to your desktop over 3G, Wi-Fi, and through your home network. I am currently running Windows 7 Home Premium & iPhone4.  There are many other apps that will do the same task as the apps I have chosen, so feel free to try out other apps to see which fits best for you. If anyone has any ideas I'd be glad to hear them. Thanks. Enjoy. 

You Will Need:
iTunes Apps;

Mocha VNC 
Mobile Mouse
WMC Remote
Air Video
Off Remote

PC Software:
Ultra VNC
Mobile Mouse Server
Windows Media Center
Air Video Server

Step 1: Over 3G/ Wi-Fi Connection

On The Go

Turn On Desktop

iWOL. $1.99 I am still working out the kinks on this. So far I’ve only been able to do this over my home network. (pointless in my view) *HELP Please

View Actual Screen

Mocha VNC Lite Free. There is a full version for the low price of $5.99, but I have yet to run into a problem using the Lite version. Although you are given the option to use VNC Authorization for a password, I am not sure how secure this application is, since passwords are not encrypted.

Access Music Files

ZumoCast. Free. It allows you to listen to music from your computer and it also gives you the option to download the song to your iPhone (upto 25GB). Even though it is possible to also use ZumoCast for streaming video and viewing documents, I chose to use a separate are for video access

Access Video Files

Air Video $2.99. The price of the app might be a good reason to use the free ZumoCast app.

Access Document Files

Dropbox Free. You are given 2GB for free, but you have the option of choosing yearly plans for 50 & 100GB at $99 and $199/yr respectively. I’m cheap so I’m just sticking to the free 2GB. Although I haven’t tried it yet, but it may be possible to just open up multiple Dropbox accounts, each holding a particular type of file (work, Instructables© PDFs, invoices, etc) and simply log into each separate account. (may be more trouble than it is worth)

Printing Documents

The great thing about Dropbox is it’s functionality. Not only can you sync documents from your home computer to your iPhone, but you can also Print Documents using your Dropbox account.


Another unknown feature of dropbox is using it to track thieves who have stolen your laptop/desktop. You can set up a Keylogger on your system to run in the background & save all the logs to your Dropbox. If anyone ever steals your laptop or uses it without you knowing & connects to the Internet then you’ll have a complete breakdown of everything they’ve been doing (including all the services they may have logged into.)

View Web Cam/ Security Camera

iCam $4.99. The software for your PC/MAC is free to download at the iCam Website. On your desktop, simply set up an account with a user-name and password. The software will detect your web cam(s). Once you have set up your login, you can pull up the app on your iPhone and log in. I think 4 cameras is the max.
*SKJM, the same company that made iCam also makes a video file streaming app. iVid

Turn Off Desktop

Twitter Free. With a Twitter account (preferably one solely for this purpose) and the software TweetMyPC you can turn off your desktop amongst other things.

Step 2: Home Network

Home Network

Mouse Control

Logitech Touch Mouse Free. I had been using Mobile Mouse Free (once Air Mouse), but when I saw that Logitech had an app I figured it had to be much better. I was wrong. Logitech Touch Mouse constantly lags and it more frustrating than having to get out of bed to use the actual mouse. I have since gone back to Mobile Mouse Pro $1.99. Much happier with this app.

iTunes Remote

Remote. Free. IMOP, best there is for controlling iTunes.

Windows Media Center

WMC Remote $0.99. Works great with my Windows 7 Media Center.

Turn Off Desktop

Off Remote $2.99. Allows you to turn Off, put to Sleep, Restart, Hibernate, or Lock your computer using your home network. There is also a free version of this app