Complete Educational Electronics Kit for Beginners

Introduction: Complete Educational Electronics Kit for Beginners

This "Build A Piano" electronics kit is aimed at anyone with no experience in electronics wishing to learn, introduce or just spend 2 hours of pass time and eventually end up with a "real" 8 note piano built from scratch.

Step 1: "Build a Piano" Educational Electronics Kit

This project is a complete "open source" package for educational purposes aimed at anyone with no previous experience with electronics from the age of 13 and up that includes a beginner's electronics kit with over 40pcs, full step by step color printed instructions and accompanied with a 30 minute learning video that explains everything about this kit and how it works, a step by step walk through for reference, a demonstration video for the music sheet included, a basic troubleshooter.

This kit is a complete product.

All the materials can be found at and on the YouTube channel.

In this video I explain the basic production processes and assembly of the kit and provide tips on how to go about reproducing this kit at your own home with no special tools.

This kit is very low cost and provides very high value as a build project for introduction to techniques and methods, learning the basic principals of electronics and music at work and eventually function as a complete product/toy built from scratch (generic materials easily recognizable in other setups over all).

Feel free to make use of the kit and the materials under the terms of usage and I hope that you will like it. More projects to come in the future.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Kits like this are great for getting people started in electronics. That is actually how I first started tinkering in electronics.


    Reply 5 years ago


    My first goal behind this kit was to produce a FUN! first timer kit mainly for children to draw them into the hobby world of electronics instead of the normal experimental packages that just go with the known routines of starting with resistors and leds or making some motor turn with no actual function, or the more later versions based on MCUs which dont really teach you about the electronics or go about actual calculations.

    The second goal was to keep this kit at very low cost and made out of generic everyday materials so that anyone anywhere especially in poorer places can reproduce it easily and just use all my resources to get the first experience with electronics.