Completely Hidden Minecraft Door

Introduction: Completely Hidden Minecraft Door

This instructable will show you how to build a door that is completely invisible from the outside, but opens up widely when opened.

Being able to make one of these is very useful, especially when playing with siblings or on a server with friends, as they can't see your secret hideout, and only you know how to get in.

This style of hidden door is very useful and is really quite simple to make.

It requires:

- 2 redstone repeaters

-1 redstone torch

- 6 redstone dust

- 12 sticky pistons

- 1 lever

- 4 door material

- 1 previously existing cave/mountain OR 20 wall blocks

Steps 1 - 10 will be on how to make the door in concept

Steps 11 - 20 will be on how to make it inside of an already existing mountain or cave.

Step 1: Add Some Pistons

Make a 2*2 square of sticky pistons. They must be sticky or the door will only open once, and never close.

Step 2: Add More Pistons

Add a 1*2 column of sticky pistons at 90 degree angle to the 2*2 square of pistons.

The direction these pistons face is the direction the doors will open/close.

Step 3: Add the Door Material

Add the material that you want to end up being your door in the space touching both sets of sticky pistons.

This can be any block that can be slid (so not obsidian or bedrock) and doesn't stick (so no slime blocks). I recommend using blocks that will blend with your background, I am using a different color only so that you can see where the door is. (Though rainbow is a fun option for a door you want to be obvious.)

Step 4: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Repeat steps 1-3 again, but mirrored and 2 blocks away.

Step 5: Build the Wall

In this step you need to build a wall to match your door material, it needs to be at least 4 blocks high by 6 blocks long, with a 2*2 hole in the middle for the door blocks to go into.

Step 6: Make a Loop

Make a little loop that connects to the wall above the repeaters, but leaves a 4 block gap directly next to the wall, connect it all the way across on top of the remaining repeaters, and move onto the next step.

Step 7: Add the Repeaters

Look at the picture and place the repeaters in those positions. Make sure you've clicked on the repeater once, so that it is on the second delay level.

Step 8: Add the Dust

Add redstone dust on the rest of the loop built in step 6. Make sure these are all connected and that it looks like the pictures.

Step 9: Add a Torch

Add a redstone torch to one of the 2 empty spaces not above repeaters. Again, Make sure that the Redstone is connected and that it looks like the picture.

If completed correctly, the door will now close.

Step 10: Add a Lever

Add a lever on the other side of the block with the redstone torch on it. Pulling the lever will open the door, allowing you access.

This lever is only needed to get in, destroying it will make the door close and make it impossible for another person to find your base, because only you know where the lever needs to go in order to open the door.

If all you wanted to do was to learn how to build this door, you are done. If you need to know how to build it into a cave or mountain, continue on to the next step.

Step 11: Choose a Location

Set out across your map to find the perfect location for your hideout. I found this lovely little mountain with a little cave. Rather than going in the cave, like everyone else would, I decided to go higher up on the mountain, in an inconspicuous spot.

You could choose anywhere, but open cliff faces and mountains are best, because hiding one of these in a grassland can get a little tricky. The location doesn't really matter though, as long as you like it and it has a big enough space.

Step 12: Dig Into the Mountain

In your selected location, dig a 2*2 hole 3 blocks into the mountain, this is the base requirement for the door, the more you go in, the bigger your base will be. (I recommend using 3 blocks to start, then digging the rest.

After the initial dig in, dig two 2*2*2 blocks into the left and right sides of the cave. Make sure you leave a wall, or else your door won't be hidden.

Step 13: Dig Some More

Dig up 2 blocks in a 4 block channel, this will create the space for the redstone to fit in.

When you are done with the 2*4 channel, dig a 2*6 horizontal lane on the highest layer. Don't mind it if there are any gaps to the outside yet, as we can fill those in later.

(This step could be a little confusing, so look at the pictures for help.)

Step 14: Add the Wiring

First place down two repeaters, outside the 4 block area, making sure that they are facing outwards from the door, and on the second delay level.

Again, maybe confusing, so use the pictures.

Next you're going to connect it all with redstone. Put redstone dust on all of the remaining blocks in the loop, and make sure its connected.

Step 15: Add the Pistons

First, put a 2*2 square of pistons in both the left and right sides of the cave, then add two 1*2 columns of pistons attached to both sets of four pistons, making the 1*2 columns face the direction of the opening.

Step 16: Add the Torch

Put a redstone torch on one of the two blocks not above pistons. It doesn't matter which one, as long as you know which one it is.

Step 17: Add the Door and Patch the Holes

Putting the torch down should have made the pistons push you outside, if not, dig your way out and fill in the hole you left.

Once outside, put your desired door material on the pistons and look for gaps into your cave. If you find any fill them in with a matching material.

Step 18: Add the Lever

Remembering the block that you put the redstone torch on, put a lever on it. Pulling the lever should make the door open. If not, try again with different blocks until the door does open.

Step 19: Dig Your Home

Even though you live in a mountain, you don't have to live in a dark hole. Open up your door and simply dig out your desired amount of space then add furnishings. Since my example is a small outpost, it only has the necessities. Yours can be as lavish as you wan't to make it.

Step 20: Finishing Up

Once you're satisfied with your home, go outside and destroy the lever. Doing so will close the door and make it never even seem like it's there. Once you've done that you can leave without worrying that someone else will find your house.

Hint: Using this behind waterfalls is cool, but you'll have to put a block above the one where your lever goes.

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Questions? Leave them in the comments and I will reply as quickly as I can.

- Thanks for reading.

- Spoofs1234

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    3 years ago

    I tried to build this door and the two pistons that are supposed to push the blocks outward to be flush with the door aren't working.


    7 years ago

    You can't use a button easily, as the doors will close quickly on you.

    You could use a lever by hooking up a t- flip flop, but it would be much harder than just using a lever.

    Governor Keagan
    Governor Keagan

    7 years ago

    Can you use a button instead of a lever??